How To Recruit Good Carers

Recruiting good carers is essential for the success of your care business.

For your business to grow, in addition to replacing the carers who move on and leave you, you will also need a regular flow of good new carers to service new contracts.

The most successful care companies know this, and put a great deal of effort into making their systems for recruitment as good as they can be. Additionally, they ensure that they are working with the right recruitment partners who understand about recruiting carers and provide the best value for money.

There is always a cost to recruiting and training good carers. At Home Care Careers, we concentrate on providing the very best value for money and ensuring that you get the most for every penny you spend recruiting carers.

In order to select the best carers, there is a three step process:

1. Spread the net wide to attract as many potential carers as possible.
2. Screen the carers to weed out the unsuitable candidates; and
3. Interview the screened candidates to make sure they are suitable and fit in with your company.

Home Care Careers are experts in the first two of these steps. We source and screen good care candidates and then send good care candidates over to you to make a final decision.

This article is about the first step – how to find good carers!

So what are the best ways to find carers, and which ways should you avoid?

There are some things that you can do effectively for yourself. Word of mouth is a great way of attracting new carers. Talk to your existing carers and consider setting up a referral scheme, so that they are paid a bonus if they introduce a new carer that starts work for you. Make it clear that the payment will be paid after the new carer has been working for you for a set period of time, for example three months. This will avoid any misunderstanding if a carer starts and then leaves very shortly afterwards, and you won’t be out of pocket for it.

Place postcards with details of your job vacancies on boards in local shops and supermarkets, and leave your leaflets wherever there is a waiting room displaying them.

We don’t recommend using local or national print media. It is often expensive, it is not targeted at precisely the people you want to target at, and it is typically only seen once. The results, from our experience, are rarely worth the spend.

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Most potential carers are now online in one form or another, and you will find some of the best opportunities to recruit carers online. Here are the top methods of online sourcing of carers:

1. Job boards. If you are using job boards, there are two things you absolutely need to do in order to make sure that you achieve the best results.

The first is to use premium adverts, and the second is to use multiple boards.

The problem with free adverts on job boards is that they are listed less prominently and further down (often on the third, fourth or fifth page in search results) than the featured ads that your competitors are placing. That means that even when candidates do apply for your job, they have often applied for a number of other jobs that were listed before yours, and by the time you contact them, they have already been offered a job elsewhere. If you are serious about your business and want to recruit the best carers you must use premium ads.

Using multiple job boards means that your care job vacancy appears before as many potential candidates as possible. If you only use one job board, you are missing out on a huge number of other candidates who are actively looking for jobs on other job boards.

The problem with advertising with premium adverts on multiple job boards is that if you are placing one advert, or even a few adverts, the cost can be very high. For example, at the time of writing, and including special offers currently available, the cost of advertising on just two job boards – Reed and Total Jobs for one month would be in excess of ?158. To achieve similar results with Indeed would require a minimum of ?200 of advert “boosting”.

Fortunately, because Home Care Careers advertise over 200 jobs every month, we have been able to negotiate vastly reduced rates. Which means that when you work with Home Care Careers your job will be advertised on more than 30 job boards, including premium ads, all for one low fixed fee.

2. Social Media. A very high number of your potential candidates are using social media on a daily basis. Whether they are fans of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or numerous other websites, social media is a great way of finding and engaging new candidates. However, you have to know how. Without the right systems and ways of working you can spend a whole lot of time working on social media with no results. If you are using paid adverts, unless your campaigns are highly optimised and you respond to candidates in just the right way, you can end up throwing away large sums of money without the results you need to make the campaign worthwhile.

The key to social media recruiting is to remember that it is “social”. To get great results you need to interact with prospective carers, entering into conversations with them about your job after a prospective candidate has interacted with your campaign. Speed is critical. As soon as a potential candidate interacts with your post or ad, you need to inbox them and engage them in a conversation about the role. If you do this right, you will find a lot of good candidates through social media.

Every campaign with Home Care Careers includes a highly optimised social media campaign focussing specifically on your job vacancy. When potential carers interact with the campaign, our team are on hand day, evening and weekends to interact with the candidates and convert them into motivated candidates keen to work for you.

3. Databases. For a fairly sizeable fee, large job boards will allow you access to their database of candidates. By using the search facilities, you can find potential carers in your area who are actively looking for work. “Active” could mean that they have amended their CV, or made an application for a care job within the last month.

You will also be provided with their contact details. By contacting the candidates, you can find out whether they are interested in applying for your job. The issue with this approach is that it can take a substantial amount of time to find the candidates in the database, filter them and contact them. You can find that you are spending a lot of time leaving messages on call answering services that are not returned.

At Home Care Careers, we have a team dedicated to finding and contacting the best carers. Our team work during the hours that the potential carers can be contacted – during the day-time, evenings and at weekends. Which means that you are not paying a large fee to access the databases and then spending hours chasing around after potential carers.

There is always a cost to finding good carers. The cost can be measured in money and time. Without Home Care Careers, the cost of running an effective carer recruitment campaign on more than 30 job boards, an optimised social media campaign and database marketing would be in excess of ?1000 per month and in excess of 30 hours.

Fortunately, we have your back! Due to our economies of scale, our efficient team of professionals and our expertise, we can source the very best carers for you for one, low fixed cost – saving you time as well as money.

You may be surprised at just how low the monthly fixed cost for your turbo-charged carer recruitment campaign is. View the price list by clicking the button.